Going back so far, things are 'sketchy'...

Greetings On Ripley readers.

Mike C. here, with another autobiographically bent bit of Ripley love from the very summer -- the very day -- we first got to see Ripley in action after a 57 year long nap.

Like many of you who were lucky enough and old enough to be around and able to do so, I went to see Aliens the day it was released nationally, which was just 26 years yesterday -- happy Alien-iversary, Ripley!

I think it changed me forever. I know it changed much about how I view women, motherhood, cooperation and basic human failings like cowardice, disloyalty, and greed.

But it also inspired me -- I should say, she inspired me -- to set ink to paper the very hour I returned home.

And I still have it.

Ellen Ripley
pen, ink and watercolor on paper, 7-18-86

I wasn't even going to attempt recreating that incredible face -- I wanted it to be more like a wardrober's or conceptual designer's sketch.

I also love that, since it was from memory, I had much of it almost right. Sort of.

I did note the red in her shoes, to my credit, though I cannot explain why I forgot so quickly that they were those hightop sneakers and not the nearly-kneehigh boots you see here.

I knew I wouldn't get the gun right, and as you can clearly see, I didn't feel strong enough about the overall look to really finish it right.

But it's my first real Ripley tribute, and it was made the very day I saw her become a real hero.

Thanks for indulging the in-love-teenaged-artist I was.




I'm alright...

... don't nobody worry 'bout me.

Thanks for calling me out, friend Mike. 

It's been a long, hot summer here in the SFValley, and we're not even a week into July. Well, okay, we are one week into July. 

But life has been up and down, as it is for all of us most of the time, and after a trial-n-tribulation stretch of weeks, I have merely been resisting the urge to come to the computer and vent and give too much information and generally do the things that less mature but no less emotional people tend to do when they're going through trials and tribulations.

No worries, though. My home, family, health, love, and friendships are all what they have been for a long time -- wonderful and good and whole. 

Just taking some Cat time.

I want all of you to be sure to do the same when the time comes, because it will -- more than once.

Just bask in the long hot summer, all of you.

I have a little more exploring to do...



It's been far too long...

... but I've been busy traveling, working, performing, traveling again, and working, performing, always...

"Hello mah baby, hello mah honey, heloo mah ragtime gaaaal..."

And I feel bad about not getting in here for over a month!

"Uh, that is not the real chestburster and you are not off the hook!"

Yes, I know. I feel shame.
But there is some fun to come.

And where in Hell is the Cat?  
Hope you're doing alright my friend.

Enjoy your summery sunshine happy time, all.