Another Alien-iversary.


Oh yes.
On July 18th, 1986, one of cinema's greatest sci-fi rollercoaster action films was unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

And if she hadn't found some semblance of fame in Alien before, a sleepy Ellen Ripley would wake up 57 years later to become merely the greatest female warrior hero ever.

I first went to see this with a handful of friends -- two of whom were my cohorts sneaking into the drive-in to see Alien seven years before! -- at one of our area's first big, loud, THX-equipped theatres. Needless to say, we ere all blown away by the sheer adrenaline rush of this film.

And, another needless to say, I simply fell in love all over again...

 How could I not?

I'll never forget that night. Do you remember when you saw these now-legendary images for the very first time?

 "Stopitman! S'notfunnyman!"


Man. 25 years of Aliens.

25 years since Ripley became Ellen Ripley, became a mother, became a real hero.

Happy anniversary, longtime Muse.