Lucky star, lucky me.

Greetings, On Ripley readers!

Mike C. here... and this one is a little odd.

I am posting this time around for The Cat who, after seeing them, insists I show off these two pictures.

I hesitate but I think it's fun.

See, I've been married for 17 years to a wonderfully brilliant and affectionate woman who, as luck would have it, also reminds me of Sigourney Weaver, and especially one Lt. Ellen Ripley, and has since the day I first saw her.

Her voice, height (no, not 5'11" but taller than me anyway), her mannerisms, her physique, even her occupation -- not a Warrant Officer in space of course but a woman in charge of a bunch of guys running a stage crew and managing band tours, manning (or womanning) spotlights, lighting consoles and shouting down egotistical men who think they know better than she does -- all continue to impress me, and remind me every so often that she really is a heroic Ripley in our own little theatre world.

Now OBVIOUSLY we would not have stayed together for 17 years if it was only about looks (on both sides!) and her occasional resemblance to our favorite sci-fi fighting femme is only *barely* one of the million reasons I am so crazy about my amazing wife.

I emphasize this because I don't want anyone to think I'd be that shallow, or that I hold my marriage to some standard far below the devoted, supportive and hilarious relationship it honestly is.


On Hallowe'en of 1996, we attended a party at a friend's place, and she (my wife) came as Ripley. I'd always told her she looked like Sigourney and she thought it would be fun. She cut her hair, wore no makeup, whipped together her outfit, and only asked if I could find her some kind of gun. I built one out of all kinds of junk, and made her some ammo belts and things. She couldn't find close enough high tops for the real look but her dark mili' boots worked fine.

I doubt anyone even noticed...

She doesn't look exactly like her, of course. But it's pretty striking. The bottom one especially could almost be a behind the scenes still from an Aliens DVD gallery.

So whenever I tell someone who has yet to meet her how Ripley-ish my wife is, and they don't believe me, I only have to show them these photos.

If you can picture the woman you see here wearing a headset/mic, running a lightboard/flipping switches and telling another crewmate how to do their job better, then you would have to agree...

I am a lucky man.

I said it was an odd post. 

Your mileage may vary, of course. But even diehard Sigourney fans were a bit shocked when I posted these on Facebook (which is when The Cat saw them and asked me to post them here).

And if I can make The Cat jealous...



  1. aaaaaa, shocking!!! She is SO cute!!! :) What does she think about the whole ordeal with Ripley and all?

  2. HAHA! I know, right? At times it's uncanny. And yes she IS cute, haha! But what ordeal do you mean? Ripley's heroi-tragic story or my love for the character (and Sig) all these years? :-) As for the former, I know she enjoys the films -- she likes Ripley's strengths and convictions and we discuss her failings too -- and when we went to see Alien Resurrection in the theatre (with her hair grown back to it's shaggy length) people kept looking our way as we left the theatre and I think she kinda dug that!
    As for the latter, I'd say after 17 years she's probably a little tired of the references to Ms. Weaver but no one can help it -- she just keeps reminding me, and plenty of other people, of Ripley. I do think she enjoys the compliment (she knows it is a huge one coming from me) and at this point kind of celebrates that she is aging as gracefully and beautifully as Sigourney. She's nine years older than me, which I've always loved. Plus she looks just fine in a grey tank top. :-)
    At the moment with her new glasses/frames she is reminding me very much of Sigourney in Snow Cake. I tease her about being a high-functioning autistic.

    Oh well, TMI now, better quit while I'm ahead!

  3. Jealous? Maaayybee... do you have cats? :) :) :)
    Hey thanks for posting them Mike. I figured our little group would appreciate it.
    Really bizarre.

  4. Oh no, not TMI at all, I'm enjoying reading about you guys! Thank you for sharing!
    Oddly enough, I always thought the person I will end up with will be like Ripley, and it is true that I have always been attracted to strong women with strong character and willpower. Just like my partner. Though she is NOTHING like Ripley (I mean come on, I don't REALLY look for that in a person), she is a character. Her strength reminds me of her somewhat. As for being 9 years younger, well, my partner is 28 years older than me so how bout that? :) ;) Cougar comes to mind......:P

    1. Hah! You've got Mike beat by 19 years... that's a cougar with some long teeth, my dear!