Contributing to the insanity.

Dear On Ripley readers,
My name is Mike C., and I run a little online 'pub' concerning itself with all things Hallowe'en called The Skull & Pumpkin. 
The Cat (who runs On Ripley) has been a follower of mine and has, for some crazy reason known only to The Cat, asked me to be a sometime contributor to On Ripley.
I am not only honored, as I enjoy The Cat's writing, but very happy to be able to express a bit of my own long-time love for, as The Cat aptly puts it, "my Muse, a whirl of sweat, grey cotton and deep brown eyes."
Now, I happen to be a Sigourney Weaver completist in my mania -- it's not just Ripley but everything she's done, everything she does. From her beauty to her acting to her humor to her environmental activism to (most importantly) her successful life as a wife and mother, Sigourney is absolutely one in a trillion.
We need way more people like her.
But there is the possibility that but for Ripley, we might likely have never discovered Sigourney, and the world would be missing two incredible people, real and fantastic.
We owe much to Ellen Ripley.
I look forward to doing more than introducing myself, and soon.
I look forward to discussing two of my biggest heroes, who are heroes for simply being themselves.
And I look forward to more pics like these...


On, Ripley.

Oh, and

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